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NT Labs Aquarium Cleaner 100ml

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Aquarium - Aquarium Cleaner

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When to use?
Sludge forms as a result of fish and plant waste, and uneaten food. Sludge needs to be controlled as it can harbour disease-causing pathogens and add to the ammonia loading of the water.

Use when visible debris and sludge has collected on the substrate at the bottom of the aquarium. Add to the aquarium every week to maintain a cleaner aquarium. Regular water changes will then remove the digested sludge from the water.

How to use?

  • Calculate the volume of your aquarium in litres (length x width x depth (in cm)/1000). Alternatively, use our Dosage Calculator to help you.
  • Shake the bottle thoroughly before use.
  • Add to the aquarium every week to maintain a cleaner aquarium.
  • Use Aquarium Lab Test Kits to monitor your water quality.

“Comprehensive and easy to use, I often like to have a couple of bottles of Anti-Internal Bacteria treatment or Disease Solve to hand. Nice to know that I’m not the only one who rates these products!” Nathan Hill, the Associate Editor of Practical Fishkeeping Magazine

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