Eden Moss – Moss Landscape Bottle

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eden-moss Eden Moss – Moss Landscape Bottle

Beautifully crafted terrarium for creating moss micro climates.

Innovative design,bottom ventilation is more conducive to healthy plant growth,

High borosilicate glass, more transparent and refreshing,

A touch of vitality in urban life.

Glass dome

Contain your moss and plant world with the glass dome without worrying that they will be stuffed. Instead, they will grow up in a high humidity, well ventilated environment.


The bottom is made of pure pottery soil of Nixing china, which is not glazed or glued, it is purely handmade, and has excellent air permeability.

Available in 3 base designs

Standard – Stone grey with smooth finish

 No description available.

Hammer pattern – Earthy brown with hammered textures

No description available.

Knife pattern – Earthy brown with knife patterning

No description available.

360° ventilated

There is a breathable tray in the pottery bottom, which is used to support the glass cover and isolate the water storage layer. 360° ventilated in all directions between the glass cover and the pottery bottom. It can effectively maintain the humidity in the tank and ensure the air flow in the tank without opening the glass cover.

The package contains: Nixing pottery bottom, high borosilicate glass cover, resin tray, small spray can, tweezers and polishing wipe.

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