Hobby Nido 3.1 Breeding Net

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Nido 3.1

16 x 16 x 14 cm

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Make a good thing even better!
This was the motto for developing the new Nido 3.1. The benefit with mesh and spawning containers is that fry and expectant mothers are constantly supplied with fresh, clean and oxygen-rich water. The Nido 3.1 is equipped with a double floor that allows the fry to find refuge directly after birth. The removable partition in the middle enables caring for two expectant mothers while they are separated until they successfully give birth. The Nido 3.1 is also perfect for separating ailing, aggressive or suppressed animals.

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  • ideal for separating expectant mothers and raising fry
  • optimal water flow for healthy and strong fry
  • perfect for separating injured, aggressive and suppressed fish

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