Oase AquaMax Eco Titanium 31000

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Oase AquaMax Eco Titanium 31000

Power and Efficiency for Medium Ponds: The Oase AquaMax Eco Titanium 31000

The Oase AquaMax Eco Titanium 31000 is an innovative and energy-efficient gravity filter pump designed for medium-sized ponds, koi ponds, and even saltwater environments. This versatile pump combines impressive performance with cutting-edge technology to deliver robust water circulation and a healthy pond ecosystem.

Ideal for Medium-Sized Ponds:

This pump is well-suited for a variety of pond sizes. Its maximum flow rate of 31,500 liters per hour ensures efficient water circulation through your filtration system, effectively maintaining optimal water quality in ponds with moderate fish populations or a balance of plants and fish. Whether you have a thriving koi pond with a moderate number of fish or a natural pond with diverse plant and fish life, the AquaMax Eco Titanium 31000 provides the power needed for a healthy ecosystem.

Efficiency at its Finest:

While powerful, the AquaMax Eco Titanium 31000 prioritizes energy efficiency. Flow-optimized hydraulics minimize energy consumption without compromising performance. Additionally, the patented Seasonal Flow Control (SFC) allows for smart and environmentally conscious regulation of flow rate and head pressure. When used with compatible Oase control systems (FM Master, Garden Controller, or Oase Control), the SFC function can further reduce energy consumption by up to 30%.

Uncompromising Reliability and Durability:

The AquaMax Eco Titanium 31000 is built to last. The robust pump housing is crafted from cast stainless steel, providing exceptional strength and resilience. This, coupled with a large base for added stability, makes it ideal for installation in a dedicated pump chamber outside the pond, minimizing noise and heat transfer into the pond itself. Furthermore, the rotor shaft and bearings are constructed from high-quality SIC ceramics, renowned for their exceptional wear resistance and long lifespan. This combination of premium materials ensures reliable operation for years to come.

Versatility for Diverse Installations:

The AquaMax Eco Titanium 31000 offers installation flexibility. It can be submerged directly in your pond or positioned dry within a pump chamber, providing adaptability based on your specific pond setup and preference. Additionally, it can even be used in saltwater environments, making it a versatile choice for various pond types.

Advanced Protection and Control Features:

The pump incorporates the Oase Environmental Function Control (EFC) technology, safeguarding it against potential damage from running dry or blockages. This advanced feature ensures reliable operation and extends the pump’s lifespan.

For even greater control and automation, the AquaMax Eco Titanium 31000 can be paired with optional Oase control systems like the Garden Controller Home/Cloud or InScenio FM-Master Home/Cloud. This allows for fine-tuning of pump operation based on your specific pond’s needs and enables the utilization of the SFC function for additional energy savings.

German Engineering Excellence:

The AquaMax Eco Titanium 31000 is a testament to German engineering excellence. Manufactured in Germany, it adheres to the highest quality standards, ensuring precise operation and reliable performance for years to come.

In conclusion, the Oase AquaMax Eco Titanium 31000 is an ideal choice for owners of medium-sized ponds, koi ponds, or saltwater environments. Its powerful yet energy-efficient design, coupled with robust construction, advanced protection features, and versatile installation options make it a premium solution for maintaining optimal water quality in your pond. With its German engineering heritage and potential for further automation through optional control systems, the AquaMax Eco Titanium 31000 offers a powerful and reliable solution for a variety of pond filtration needs.


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