Oase Aquarius Eco Expert 36000

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Oase Aquarius Eco Expert 36000

Unleash Spectacular Water Displays with the Aquarius Eco Expert 36000 Pump

The Aquarius Eco Expert 36000 Pump by OASE is a powerhouse designed to transform your pond or water feature into a mesmerizing spectacle. This versatile and energy-efficient pump boasts a range of features that cater to both large-scale displays and network integration, making it ideal for both residential and commercial applications.

Unmatched Performance and Efficiency:

  • Powerful Flow and Head Height: Move a staggering 36,000 liters of water per hour (600 litres per minute) to a maximum height of 10.2 meters. This pump is perfect for creating breathtaking fountains, waterfalls, and watercourses.
  • Energy Efficiency Champion: Despite its impressive power, the Aquarius Eco Expert 36000 utilizes a mere 550 watts, making it a highly economical choice. It consumes 50% less energy compared to its predecessors, reducing your running costs without compromising performance.

Built to Last and Perform in Any Condition:

  • Durable Construction: The robust housing, featuring stainless steel components, ensures long-lasting reliability in both freshwater and saltwater environments.
  • Dry or Submerged Installation: Enjoy maximum flexibility. Place the pump directly in your pond or water feature, or house it externally for dry installation.
  • Winter-Proof Champion: The patented frost protection guarantees safe operation even in harsh winters, withstanding temperatures as low as -20°C.
  • Advanced Blockage Protection: The EFC (Environmental Function Control) technology safeguards the pump from damage caused by blockage or running dry, ensuring peace of mind

Network Integration and Control:

  • Smart Fountain Control: The DFC (Dynamic Flow Control) function allows you to program and control different fountain heights individually, creating stunning choreographed displays.
  • Network Ready: For advanced control and integration, the Aquarius Eco Expert 36000 is compatible with OASE’s Garden Controller Home, Cloud, or InScenio FM-Master Home, Cloud systems (sold separately).

Additional Features:

  • Long Power Cable: A 10-meter power cable provides ample reach for convenient placement near your water feature.
  • Versatile Hose Connections: The pump includes adapter sets for connecting 1-inch and 1.5-inch nozzles, as well as hose connections compatible with 1.5-inch and 2-inch hoses.
  • Large Filter Intake Surface: The 10,600 cm² filter intake surface minimizes clogging and ensures smooth operation.
  • 3-Year Warranty with Extended Option: Experience peace of mind with a standard 3-year warranty, with the option to extend for an additional 2 years (registration required).

The Aquarius Eco Expert 36000 Pump is the perfect choice for those seeking a powerful, efficient, and feature-rich solution for creating stunning water displays. Elevate your pond or water feature to a whole new level and experience the magic of moving water!

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