Oase Aquarius Universal Classic 600

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Oase Aquarius Universal Classic 600

Bring a Touch of Serenity with the Oase Aquarius Universal Classic 600 Pump

Liven up your indoor water feature or outdoor pond with the Oase Aquarius Universal Classic 600 Pump. This remarkably compact pump packs a surprising punch, offering strong performance in a small footprint. Ideal for animating small fountains, waterfalls, and decorative displays, the Aquarius Universal Classic 600 adds a touch of tranquility and movement to any space.

Mighty Micro Performer:

  • Small Size, Big Impact: Despite its diminutive stature, the Aquarius Universal Classic 600 effortlessly circulates 600 liters of water per hour. This allows you to create a captivating water feature without sacrificing valuable space, making it perfect for smaller ponds, tabletop fountains, or aquariums.
  • Ideal for Shallow Depths: The pump excels at drawing in water even in particularly shallow areas, making it perfect for fountains and decorative features with limited depth.

Unwind in Quiet Enjoyment:

  • Whisper-Quiet Operation: Immerse yourself in the soothing sounds of cascading water without the distraction of loud pump noise. The Aquarius Universal Classic 600 operates with exceptional quietness, allowing the natural beauty of your water feature to take center stage.

User-Friendly Performance:

  • Simple Flow Rate Control: Tailor the water flow to your specific needs using the easy-to-use mechanical regulator. Create the perfect balance of power and tranquility for your water feature design.
  • Reliable Low-Water Performance: Even when water levels are low, the Aquarius Universal Classic 600 maintains dependable suction, ensuring uninterrupted operation of your water feature.

Built to Last and Designed for Convenience:

  • Complete Product Series with Thermal Protection: Experience peace of mind knowing you’re investing in a reliable pump. The Aquarius Universal Classic 600 is part of a comprehensive Oase product line and features built-in thermal protection for added safety.
  • Flexible Intake Nozzle: The 360° rotating intake nozzle allows for versatile installation in any desired position, maximizing your placement options within your water feature.
  • Dry or Submerged Installation: Enjoy maximum flexibility in pump placement. The Aquarius Universal Classic 600 can be submerged directly in your water feature or installed dry for added convenience.

The Oase Aquarius Universal Classic 600 Pump is the ideal solution for those seeking a powerful, quiet, and user-friendly pump for the smallest of water features. Experience the perfect blend of functionality, value, and tranquility, and create a captivating water display that enhances the beauty of your indoor or outdoor space!

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