onf Flat One Plus Pendant Warm & White 60cm

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Flat One+ Pendant


Available in widths of 60cm and 90cm, the Flat One+ Pendant adds a stylish, expertly engineered hanging light to freshwater/marine aquariums. This revolutionary smart light allows you to digitally manage the lighting environment within your aquarium.

LED Technology:

ONF lights feature the exclusive wide-area colour rendering technology of ONF colourful LED. This highly engineered lighting solution provides the essential wavelengths of light required by aquatic plants, this technology also compliments the spectrum of other colour bands, leading to a vivid appearance of aquarium fish and plants.

In addition to the colourful LED technology, there is a choice between two further LED options:

  • YW (Warm & White). The Flat One+ (YW) model is a combination of ONF exclusive colourful LED technology mixed with warm white LEDs. This provides freshwater aquariums with a sunrise and sunset feature, which replicates the atmosphere fish and plants will experience in their natural habitat.
  • BW (Blue & White). The Flat One+ (BW) model provides a more complete spectrum by combining ONF colourful LED technology with blue LEDs. This makes this light suitable for both Freshwater and Marine aquariums.

ONF Link Phone Application:

The Flat One+ can be controlled from a smartphone via the ONF Link phone application (available from the App Store, and Google Play). This application gives users the ability to set multiple timed schedules at different brightness levels and various colour temperatures.

Light Hanging Kit:

Left and right hanging kits are sold seperately.


Colour Temperature:

Flat One+ (BW) 60 & 90: 6500K – 20500K

Flat One+ (YW) 60 & 90: 3000K – 6500K

Luminous flux:

Flat One+ (BW) 60cm: 4500Im

Flat One+ (BW) 90cm: 6500Im

Flat One+ (YW) 60cm: 5600Im

Flat One+ (YW) 90cm: 7500Im


60cm: 663 x 200 x 31mm

90cm: 963 x 200 dx 31mm


60cm: 1 unit for 17-20 gallons, or 2 units for 60-75 gallons

90cm: 1 unit for 40-48 gallons, or 2 units for 155-200 gallons 


60cm: 2,200g

90cm: 3,000g

LED Lifetime: 50,000 hours

Beam Angle: 110°

LED Lifetime: 50,000 hours

Operating temperature: 0°- 40° C

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