Pogostemon yatabeanus – Aqua Art In-vitro

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Pogostemon yatabeanus

fast growing green plant for the Background


Pogostemon yatabeanus

Place of planting: Background
Origin: Asia
Height: Fast
Height: Up to 40 cm
Lighting: Strong
CO2: Strong

The size and shape of the leaves slightly resembles Pogostemon stellatus. Green leaves and stem. Very characteristic, reminiscent of a forest of evenly planted trees. It grows vertically upwards and does not obscure other plants. It looks great in a group, in the center of the aquarium.

Take the plant out of the cup and rinse it thoroughly under running water. Then divide into small (1-2 cm) tufts and plant them out in short distances. As it grows, it will create a homogeneous group of adult plants.
Plant from invitro culture – free from snails, parasites and algae. A high-quality liquid gel was used as the medium, thanks to which it is quickly absorbed in the aquarium.

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