Wio Biotope Bed


Our new Biotope Beds is a unique and original addition to the Wio hardscape range! We feel that biotopers, aquascapers, terrarium creators and everyone in-between will value and enjoy our latest offering! The Biotope Beds is comprised of sand and gravel blends which we have developed after careful study of natural habitats around the world. This means we have looked at the colour, composition, gradients and geology of aquatic habitats and used this knowledge to create authentic and natural style substrates which will be especially useful for those interested in developing biotopes, but which could also find a home in aquascapes and emersed displays. 

Examples include substrates comprised of blended dark sands, crushed snail shells and pale gravels designed to replicate the crystal clear highland streams of Bonito, in Western Brazil and combinations of reddish and brown sands to mimic the earthy colours of the waterways of the Western Ghats mountains in southern India. We have even developed substrates based entirely on crushed and whole snail shells, perfect for use in Lake Tanganyika biotope displays. We have also produced substrates intended to represent the streams and pools from deep within the Amazon rainforest, containing a mix of dark sands and organic materials such as leaf litter.

This series will expand and develop and we hope you are excited about it as we are!

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