Wio Wetland Nutrient Substrates

WIO WETLAND Series is an active substrate that lowers and buffers the pH to a stable pH level between 6,5 to 7,0. These are the ideal pH conditions for freshwater aquatic plants to thrive, as nutrients and minerals are best absorbed at those pH levels by most aquatic plants.

WIO WETLAND Series has an enormous amount of fluvic and humic acid. Those natural acids have significant benefits for flora and fauna. But seldom aquarium substrate has a high content of humic and fluvic acid. As those natural acids only come from very limited rich ancient substrates.

WETLAND EONIAN The substrate is generally the largest surface area in the aquarium; therefore, we transformed the WETLAND Series substrate into a natural filter media to highly improve the water quality and general health of the aquarium. All our WETLAND Series have bio-filtering function for enhanced microbial colonization, with natural binding of harmful substances, plus it doesn’t crumble in the long run for optimal long-term use of +10 years.

We even tested our WETLAND Series in low tech tanks without filter with amazing results: fully planted tanks with crystal clear water…

WETLAND ARTIST designed for the nature artist creator.

Our new line of WETLAND ARTIST, brings you 6 unique natural clay shades to create any biotope or artistic scape with outstanding results. Our Clay-based engineering substrate medium, is designed to create artistic and distinct biotope colour impressions, while supporting plant lush and long-term growth.

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