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ADA Cube Garden 45P – The highest quality aquarium fish tank.

An aquarium tank is not just a rearing box. It can raise fish with lots of aquatic plants by recreating an environment – just like nature. That is Nature Aquarium and the idealized concept of tanks. A school of fish hide behind thick aquatic plants and swim free in the space surrounded by plants… A beautiful tank recreated natural environment is not a distance between fish and human being but it is a connection.

ADA Cube Garden 45P is a standard type tank for Nature Aquarium. It’s transparency is higher than previous model’s. Gives more clear and beautiful presentation of aquascape. Produced by experienced craftsmen by hand.

ADA Cube Garden 45P: A Crystal-Clear Canvas for Aquascaping Masterpieces

The Cube Garden is a testament to ADA’s unwavering pursuit of crafting the finest aquascaping aquariums. Its high-quality, low-iron glass provides exceptional clarity, allowing the vibrant colours of your aquatic world to shine through unimpeded. The meticulously crafted silicone joints are kept to a minimum, ensuring an unobstructed view of your underwater masterpiece.

ADA, a pioneer in the aquascaping world, has set the standard for high-end aquariums. Their unwavering commitment to quality and innovation is evident in every aspect of the ADA Cube Garden, from its crystal-clear glass to its sleek, minimalist design.

With the ADA Cube Garden 45P, you’re not just purchasing an aquarium; you’re investing in a work of art, a stage for your aquascaping creativity to flourish.

* In some cases, the product may contain small air bubbles in glass joints due to product characteristics.

45 × 27 × 30 cm

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