Anubias congensis – Potted

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Anubias congensis, a captivating aquatic plant native to the heart of Africa. Hailing from countries like the Democratic Republic of Congo and Angola, this beauty brings a piece of the African wilderness to your aquarium.

In the wild, this wonderful plant thrives in the lush riverbanks and streams, taking root in the shaded areas provided by overhanging vegetation. As a versatile and adaptable plant, it can tolerate various water conditions, making it a survivor in its natural habitat.

This charming plant is characterized by its rich, dark green colour and elegant leaf shape. The leaves are narrow and elongated, giving the plant a unique and distinguished appearance that stands out in any aquarium.

Growing Anubias congensis in your aquarium is easy. You can attach it to wood or rock using aquascaping glue or thread, ensuring that the rhizome, where the roots and leaves meet, is not buried. Alternatively, this resilient plant can be gently wedged into natural crevices for a natural look.

Caring for Anubias is simple, as it requires minimal attention and is highly adaptable to various conditions. This low-maintenance plant can withstand a wide range of lighting levels, making it suitable for both beginners and experienced aquarists.

Anubias congensis Mini is a lovely plant, typically growing to a height of 2-25 cm. Its growth rate is moderate, ensuring it maintains a manageable size in your aquarium.

Discover the simplicity and elegance of Anubias congensis in your aquarium. This charming plant adds a touch of the African wilderness to your aquascape while requiring minimal effort to care for. Enhance your aquascape with the beauty and versatility of Anubias congensis, and enjoy the timeless appeal of this captivating aquatic gem.

Placement: midground
Place of origin: Africa

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