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Introducing the captivating Anubias minima ‘Variegated,’ a stunning aquatic plant that adds a touch of beauty to your aquarium. Originating from the tropical regions of West Africa, including countries like Nigeria, Cameroon, and Equatorial Guinea, this unique cultivar is a sight to behold. Let’s explore its care guide and description.

Anubias minima ‘Variegated’ displays exquisite foliage that sets it apart. Its leaves showcase a remarkable variegation, featuring a mix of vibrant green and creamy white or yellow patterns. This striking contrast adds a sense of elegance and visual interest to any aquascape.

Caring for Anubias minima ‘Variegated’ is relatively straightforward, making it suitable for aquarists of all experience levels. It thrives in moderate to low lighting conditions, mimicking its natural environment. The recommended temperature range is 72-82°F (22-28°C), and it prefers slightly acidic to neutral water with a pH of 6.0-7.5.

In terms of placement, this cultivar can be positioned as a foreground or midground plant in the aquarium. It appreciates being attached to hardscape elements such as rocks or driftwood using fishing line, aquarium glue, thread, or by gently wedging it into natural cracks or crevices. The plant will anchor itself in place over time.. It’s important not to bury the rhizome (horizontal stem) in the substrate to prevent rotting.

Anubias minima ‘Variegated’ features lanceolate-shaped leaves with pointed tips and prominent veins. The leaf coloration varies, with a combination of vibrant green and creamy white or yellow hues. This unique foliage adds depth and texture to the aquascape, making it a stunning focal point.

With its undemanding care requirements and captivating appearance, Anubias minima ‘Variegated’ is an excellent choice for aquarists seeking a visually striking and low-maintenance plant. Its resilience, combined with the stunning variegation, creates an enchanting display in any aquarium. Add a touch of elegance to your aquatic world with Anubias minima ‘Variegated’ and enjoy the beauty it brings to your aquascape.

Place of origin: Africa / cultivar

Ease of growth: Easy

Placement: Fore / Midground.

for more information on plant care please see our guides section.

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