Aquael Basalt Gravel 2 – 4mm 2KG

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Natural and safe (does not hurt fish), for all types of freshwater aquariums.

Aquarium substrate has a huge impact on many life processes in an aquarium tank and includes both animals and plants that live there. It changes the chemical and biological parameters of the water, affects the development of the flora, and ensures an optimal biochemical balance in the entire reservoir. Unfortunately, not all aquarists pay enough attention to the aquarium substrate and choose the substrate solely for the sake of its aesthetic qualities. Products with a large amount of porous granules may be a suitable place for some bacteria to settle, while substrates with sharp pebbles may injure demersal animals. On the other hand, a substrate that is too poor in minerals can negatively affect the growth of plants, and in extreme cases even lead to their death despite being firmly rooted. For example, the marble substrate has a strong effect on the biochemical balance due to its characteristics, because it contains a lot of calcium compounds. This means that it should not be used in plant aquariums.

For most people, the aquarium substrate is mainly a stylistic element, which is supposed to improve the aesthetics of the aquarium. All types of substrates are available in our online store. They also differ in tone and color. In addition, they are characterized by different granulation and various shapes of individual pebbles.

The basic feature of the Aquael basalt substrate is the zero impact on the biochemical balance in the tank. This is a big advantage, which also affects its popularity. Basalt gravel can be used in virtually any freshwater aquarium, as it is characterized by the greatest possible versatility. Thanks to this, both novice hobbyists and professional exhibitors reach for it. As a rule, basalt is a fairly sharp-edged material, which can injure bottom fish. However, the basalt substrate available in our online store is completely safe thanks to the machined and rounded edges.

The correct substrate has the greatest impact on the biochemical balance, as virtually all substrates, including basalt, are completely sterile and devoid of most of the necessary minerals. To supplement the deficiencies, substrates are used that are scattered directly under the visible basalt substrate. Thanks to this, you protect their movement into the water, and at the same time ensure proper rooting and fertilization of plants. Substrates effectively improve the quality of aquarium flora and its living conditions, and in some cases may also prevent the development of unfavorable bacteria living in aquarium tanks.

One of the most important features of the basalt substrate offered in Aquael is its style, which for most aquarists is second to none. This substrate is distinguished by a deep, highly saturated black color – it brilliantly emphasizes the colors of intensely colored fish and other aquatic creatures. It emphasizes their characteristic appearance and makes them visually better nourished, they also look healthier and more well-groomed. Many people consider the basalt substrate to be the best on the market, as it perfectly combines the lack of influence on the biochemical balance of water with an unusual, very luxurious design. We invite you to purchase a basalt aquarium substrate from the Aquael manufacturer. It is completely safe and clean, so it will perfectly complement most well-kept freshwater aquariums.

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