Aquael Gravel Multicoloured Mid 3-5mm

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Brand: Aquael
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Mid 3 – 5mm

Natural sands and gravels available in a wide range of grain-sizes and colours. Thoroughly rinsed and free of impurities. Sold in durable 2-kg bags. Do not affect the parameters of aquarium water.

Ideal for adding fine details to an aquascape

The aquarium substrate has a huge impact on the functioning of the entire tank. It facilitates the proper development of fauna and flora, takes care of the reduction of dangerous toxins, and in some cases is also a perfect place for beneficial nitrifying bacteria. Moreover, it can also emphasize the beautiful décor of a given aquarium and make plants and fish appear healthier and more colorful. Among the many products of the Aquael brand, it is worth distinguishing, among others, multi-colored quartz substrates, which are not only visually attractive, but also have a positive effect on the animals and plants living in them.

Available in:

Coarse 5 – 10mm

Mid 3 – 5mm

Fine 1.4 – 2mm

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Weight 5 kg