Aquael Opti Aquarium + Cabinet 80cm White

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Aquael Opti Aquarium and Cabinet

80 x 35 x 40cm 112L

The Aquael Opti Aquarium and Cabinet is a superb choice for discerning aquascapers and fish enthusiasts alike. This elegant combination boasts exceptional craftsmanship, providing a stunning focal point for your home while creating the ideal environment for your aquatic life.

At the heart of this setup lies the exceptional aquarium, crafted from high-quality Opti White glass. This innovative material offers unparalleled clarity compared to standard glass. Its low iron content eliminates the greenish tint often present, allowing you to witness the vibrant colours of your fish and the intricate details of your aquascape in breath taking detail. Every nuance, from the shimmer of scales to the vibrant hues of your underwater plants, comes to life with remarkable clarity.

Further enhancing the visual appeal, the Aquael Opti features a rimless and braceless design. This eliminates any visual obstructions, creating a seamless viewing experience that allows you to feel truly immersed in your underwater world. The clean lines and minimalist aesthetic perfectly complement any contemporary décor, ensuring your aquarium becomes a conversation piece in your home.

Beyond its captivating beauty, the Aquael Opti is meticulously designed for optimal functionality. Its proportions are meticulously chosen to be ideal for aquascaping. This allows you to create captivating underwater landscapes, maximizing space for your creativity to flourish. Whether you prefer a lush, densely planted layout or a minimalist, rock-focused composition, the Opti provides the perfect canvas for your artistic vision.

Furthermore, the Aquael Opti offers exceptional value for money. Its premium materials, exceptional craftsmanship, and timeless design combine to create a truly superior product that will endure for years to come. Investing in the Opti represents a commitment to quality and a dedication to providing the best possible environment for your beloved aquatic life.

Completing this exceptional package is the solid, sturdy, and safe cabinet. It provides a stable and secure foundation for your aquarium, ensuring its longevity and peace of mind. The cabinet’s ample storage space allows you to discreetly house all your essential equipment, keeping your space organized and clutter-free.

The cabinet features plenty of open space in the back panels for ease of access for electrics and filters. The cabinet has a 50/50 split with shelving one side for storage and an open area the other for electrics or an external filter. Double doors cose to complete the clean and modern finish.

Cabinet Dimensions (cm)

81 x 36 x 80

With its superior clarity, innovative design, and commitment to quality, the Aquael Opti Aquarium and Cabinet redefines the aquarium experience. It is an investment in both beauty and functionality, offering a haven for your fish and a captivating centerpiece for your home.

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