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Guava Leaves are a great addition to your aquarium to replicate the natural habitat of your fish and shrimp.

These versatile leaves are perfect for creating a healthy environment for your fish and shrimp to thrive in. Botanicals are an important part of a large variety of aquatic ecosystems, providing a natural environment that benefits the inhabitants and gives a true to nature aesthetic.

Guava Leaves are a smaller sized leaf, measuring approximately 9 – 15cm which makes them ideal for use in aquariums of all sizes. One of the main benefits of using Guava Leaves is their ability to enhance the water quality in your aquarium to closely match that of habitats in the wild. The leaves release natural tannins that help to lower the pH levels and soften the water, creating the ideal conditions for many fish and shrimp species.

In addition to improving water quality, Guava Leaves also provide a natural food source for many fish, especially for herbivorous fish and shrimp that will happily graze on leaves and algae. The leaves are also rich in vitamins and minerals that are beneficial for fish and other aquatic creatures.

Dried leaves can also be used in vivariums as a leaf litter substrate. This creates a safe and nourishing environment for small reptiles, amphibians, and other creatures. The leaves are also great for creating a natural hiding place for your pets, closely replicating forest floor environments.

Guava Leaves are harvested from the guava tree, making these botanicals sustainable and environmentally friendly. They are easy to use and can be added directly to your aquarium or vivarium, without any special preparation or treatment, however, botanicals can be boiled to make a tannin rich “tea” which can be added to the aquarium to create a blackwater environment.

Guava Leaves are an excellent addition to any blackwater or biotope aquarium or vivarium setup. They provide a range of positive health and enviromental benefits that are essential for creating a natural environment for your fish and other aquatic creatures.

Pack of 15 leaves.

These are a natural product so sizes will vary.

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