Bioloark my-120H Drip Jar Terrarium

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Bioloark MY-120H Drip Jar Terrarium

MY-120H : Width 12 cm x Height 17.5 cm

Volume 1.9L

Perfectly paired with Bioloark DX-03 LED Lamp available separately

A cup specially designed for terrariums and moss terrariums. The water vapor in the container naturally collects due to the curve at the top of the cup and falls down as water droplets.

Water vapor circulates in the plant, making it possible to grow the plant well with less watering.

Since there are air holes on the side of the container, proper air circulation is created even when the lid is left closed.

The beautiful form designed exclusively for growing terrariums and moss terrariums makes it ideal as a room interior.

Let’s enjoy a small forest just for you by putting it near you.

Easy to maintain

Since the lid can be easily removed, maintenance is easy and only the lid becomes cloudy with water droplets. The lid part has a structure that opens completely independently, so it is easy to ventilate and maintain.

The work does not become cloudy even if condensation forms

The inside of the container is kept at an appropriate humidity, but the container may become cloudy due to conditions such as the temperature difference during the day. However, in the MY series, only the upper lid part is cloudy. It is a merit because it is a dedicated design.

Humidity and air circulation

This unique form of the MY series specifically designed for terrariums and moss terrariums. The three holes in the container maintain the proper humidity and create the proper air circulation.

Unique indentation on the lid

Designed to collect water droplets in the center along this dent when the humidity inside the container becomes high and water droplets are generated. Water droplets drop on the bottom of the container and fall down, preserving the ecosystem inside the container.

Various sizes are available

The MY series is available in a total of 6 sizes, from a minimum size of 12 cm to a large size of 18 cm, two types, a square type and a tall type.

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