Bioloark PD170 Eco Bottle

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Bioloark PD170 Eco Bottle

The perfect way to introduce a miniature living world into your space

Since the lighting fixtures are integrated, the beauty of the terrarium work shows a remarkable world view.

You can create such a beautiful world just by integrating the container and the lighting.

The plants shine more and enjoy their vitality in the container.

Since it is equipped with lighting equipment, it can be placed anywhere and is ideal as an interior, and it will be a picture no matter where you decorate it. In addition, it is designed with consideration for the environment inside the container, so you can enjoy the small scenery forever.

Easy to maintain

The lighting unit can be easily attached and detached. Since it is designed so that each unit is easy to work from with regular maintenance.

Optimal brightness for plants with white LEDs

We secure the amount of light required for photosynthesis of plants and ensure the brightness that any plant can grow well. The amount of light from 2000Lux to 3000Lux is maintained. (The actual amount of light changes depending on the distance from the light source)

DC 5V 3W 

Volume 3.5L

175mm x 195mm

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