Bioloark Terrarium Bubble Cup Set

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The Bioloark Terrarium Bubble Cup Set is a container specially designed for terrariums, so not only is it good for growing plants, but the stylish atmosphere will further expand the world view of your work.

Bioloark has redefined the popular silhouette of containers that are often used as containers for terrariums.

The container is highly transparent, so it looks great under lighting. It’s a container that will push your creations into enchanting creations. Please try to make a terrarium with Bubble cup.
You should be able to find yourself making works with a different feeling than ever before.

This product is made from brorsilicate glass which is pollution-free and has a high transparency.

The Bioloark Terrarium Bubble Cup Set is designed with a lid and ventilation holes, which can not only keep the humidity inside the cup, but also ventilate, promoting the best health and quality of growth in your plants.

Set of 4 beautiful and stylish bubble cups including atomising mist bottle.

Ideal for use with the Bioloark DX-03 LED (Available separately).

This product is made of delicate glass and may be broken on impact, please be careful when using it.

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