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Amano Shrimp

Introducing the Amano Shrimp, nature’s miniature algae-eating superheroes, perfect for maintaining a pristine and balanced aquarium ecosystem. Originating from the rivers and freshwater habitats of Japan, Amano Shrimp (Caridina multidentata) have gained worldwide popularity for their incredible ability to tackle algae, uneaten fish food, and even help with clearing up rotting plant leaves.

When it comes to algae control, Amano Shrimp are second to none. They eagerly consume various types of algae, including diatoms and green algae. Their constant grazing helps keep your aquarium glass, rocks, and plants free from unsightly algae growth, ensuring a clean and visually appealing aquarium.

Aquascapers in particular adore these shrimp for their algae-eating prowess. These shrimp are often employed in aquascaping layouts to maintain a harmonious balance and prevent algae outbreaks, allowing the carefully arranged aquatic plants to flourish without competition from unwanted algae.

One of the key advantages of Amano Shrimp is their hardiness. They can thrive in a wide range of water parameters, making them suitable for both beginner and experienced aquarists. From slightly acidic to slightly alkaline water, and temperatures ranging from 68°F to 82°F (20°C to 28°C), Amano Shrimp are adaptable and resilient, making them a reliable choice for various aquarium setups.

Furthermore, Amano Shrimp exhibit fascinating behaviors, constantly foraging and digging in the substrate. This activity helps to aerate the substrate and prevent it from becoming compacted, creating an ideal environment for root growth and overall plant health.

Amano Shrimp are highly sought-after for their remarkable algae-eating abilities and valuable contributions to aquarium maintenance. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced aquascaper, these hardy shrimp will be your reliable partners in creating and maintaining a beautiful, algae-free aquarium.

Shrimp species originally native to Japan and Taiwan

Amano Shrimp will not breed in freshwater, however the females will often be seen carrying many eggs. Breeding can be tricky and requires a separate brackish water setup in which to raise the young.

Ideal shoal size: 1 or more

Recommended minimum tank size: 30cm

Maximum size 5cm

Temperature: 21 – 27 °C

pH: 6.5 – 8

Hardness: 90 – 310 ppm


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