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Introducing Carpet Moss, a stunning and versatile moss variety that forms a lush, low-growing mat to create a beautiful carpet effect. Found in nature in moist and shaded areas like woodland floors, this moss brings the enchanting beauty of the forest into your living space.

This wonderful moss features a combination of different moss varieties, adding visual interest and texture to the carpet. Occasionally, you may find natural elements like pine needles, reminiscent of its native environment. For a more pristine appearance, you have the option to carefully pick out the pine needles and other grasses, or you can leave it beautifully natural for a truly authentic woodland feel.

Perfect for terrariums, this moss creates a realistic and natural look, providing a captivating backdrop for your plant arrangements. Its short and dense growth habit creates a visually appealing carpet effect, instantly transforming any terrarium into a miniature forest floor.

To ensure the longevity of your moss, it’s important to provide the right conditions. Avoid letting it dry out completely, as this moss prefers a consistently moist environment. However, be cautious not to overwater, as excessive moisture can lead to issues. Regular misting or monitoring the moisture levels in the terrarium is recommended to maintain optimal conditions.

Please note that Carpet Moss is a terrestrial moss and should be used exclusively in terrariums. It is not suitable for submerging in water or using in aquariums.

Besides terrariums, Carpet Moss can also be used to top off plant pots, adding an organic and natural touch to your indoor garden.

Each portion of moss is approximately 15x15cm, providing you with a generous amount to cover a substantial area in your terrarium or to use in various other creative projects.

Experience the beauty and authenticity of our Carpet Moss, and immerse yourself in the tranquillity of a miniature forest floor. Create a captivating natural environment within your terrarium or elevate your plant displays with this lovely, natural moss carpet.

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