Centurion Wood L10

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The vibrance of this deep and dark reddish-brown wood with intertwined branches creates an exciting layout full of textures and complex forms. Centurion Wood is the result of care and tradition for many years, this wood represents the Mediterranean relation between man and earth. Most pieces are over 100 years old! Complete your design with this intricate wood and bring balance with the coolness of blue rocks and the calmness of green plants.

  • This wood releases tannins in the first month, so it is highly recommended to submerge it in water for 3-4 weeks or boil it before use.

  • Piece pictured is piece you will receive

  • Measurements are approximate

  • We recommend all hardscape is rinsed before adding to the aquarium.

  • Most woods will initially require securing in place or soaking to prevent floating

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