Chihiros C2 rgb led

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The Chihiros C2 RGB LED is a highly advanced lighting system that is perfect for enhancing the beauty and health of your aquarium. This LED system is slightly different than the C2 White, as it includes red, green, and blue LEDs that can be individually controlled for a highly customisable lighting experience.

Using the “My Chihiros App” with built-in Bluetooth, the LED system can be programmed for individual control over each of the three colour channels, including red, green, and blue. The app allows for ramping of each channel, sunrise/sunset simulation, and a built-in timer, giving you complete control over the lighting in your aquarium.

The Chihiros C2 RGB LED comes with a 360-degree swivel, allowing you to adjust the lighting direction from 20-36cm (7.9-14.2in), making it perfect for aquariums ranging from 20-45cm (7.9-17.8in). With 40 RGB LEDs ranging from 400-700nm, the LED system produces 1580 lumens, providing ample light for plant growth and highlighting the vibrant colours of your fish and aquatic creatures.

One of the best features of the Chihiros C2 RGB LED is its built-in Bluetooth, which allows for easy control of the lighting system from your smartphone or tablet. The app is user-friendly and makes it easy to program the LED system to your liking, while also offering the ability to adjust the lighting intensity and colour temperature for a more personalised lighting experience.

Please note that the base stand is available separately for this LED system. With a voltage range of 110~240v and a power output of 20w, the Chihiros C2 RGB LED is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a highly advanced and customisable lighting system for their aquarium.

Voltage: 110 ~ 240v
Power: 20w
40 RGB LEDs 400-700nm
1580 Lumens
Fits Aquariums 20 – 45cm(7.9-17.8in)
Built-in Bluetooth

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Weight 1.025 kg
Dimensions 30 × 22 × 8 cm