Chihiros CO2 and Airline U Clip X4 8mm

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Chihiros CO2 and Airline U Clip X4 for up to 8mm glass.

Stylish and discrete U clip for easy and clean mounting of in tank CO2 diffusers or airline.

Crystal clear acrylic clip has been pre-bent for seamless and easy mounting. The tough acrylic is more robust than the tradition glass U bends so will need replacing less frequently.

The Chihiros CO2 and Airline U Clip can be used for any 4/6mm hose. It may be easier to attach the hose if first the U Clip is made wet.

Comes as a set of 4 clips so there are back ups on hand or so you can install neatly finished CO2 or airline into more than one aquarium.

Clamps will not damage the fish tank. The clips will not leave any marks or scratches on the glass and are safe to use.

Two different sizes are available to accommodate different glass thicknesses.

The most modern and clean way to mount your CO2 hoses. Attractive, minimal, stylish and strong. The U Clip from Chihiros is the ideal solution for the professional and novice aquascaper.

Suitable for 4/6 mm hose

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