Chihiros CO2 Regulator Mate

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Elevate Your Planted Aquarium with the Chihiros CO2 Regulator Mate

In the world of planted aquariums, carbon dioxide (CO2) plays a pivotal role in fostering optimal growth and vitality for aquatic plants. The Chihiros CO2 Regulator Mate emerges as the pinnacle of CO2 control systems, meticulously engineered to deliver precision, safety, and efficiency, transforming your planted aquarium into a thriving oasis of vibrant greenery.

Single Gauge for Simplicity

With a single clear display gauge, the CO2 Regulator Mate is easy to setup and dial in. With the clear and easy to read display, you can quickly and easily keep an eye on the pressure in your CO2 tank, ensuring you never run out of CO2.

Reliable Performance: 12V DC Solenoid Valve

The Chihiros CO2 Regulator Pro employs a sophisticated 12V DC solenoid valve, delivering superior performance and stability. This efficient valve consumes significantly less power compared to traditional solenoid valves, minimizing energy consumption and reducing your operating costs.

Thread Compatibility: W21.8

The Chihiros CO2 Regulator Mate seamlessly integrates with W21.8 threads, ensuring compatibility with a wide range of CO2 cylinders. This versatility allows you to utilize the regulator with confidence.

Integrated Bubble Counter and Check Valve

The Chihiros CO2 Regulator includes a bubble counter with a built-in check valve, enabling precise CO2 dosage control and preventing backflow. The integrated bubble counter allows you to monitor the CO2 flow rate, ensuring you provide your aquatic plants with the optimal amount of CO2 for their healthy growth.

Embrace Automation: App Control and Auto Timer Switch (available separately)

Elevate your aquarium’s automation with the Chihiros CO2 Regulator’s app control compatibility. Utilize the My Chihiros app to remotely adjust CO2 levels and seamlessly integrate the regulator with your aquarium’s lighting schedule. Additionally, the regulator can be paired with an auto timer switch (sold separately), further enhancing automation and ensuring consistent CO2 delivery throughout your aquarium’s acclimation periods and lighting schedules.

Refillable Bubble Counter Without The Fuss

This inovative design allows the bubble counter to be easily filled without the need for any dismantling of the equipment. Simply inject the water into the bubble counter with the supplied syringe.

Supplemental Information: The Importance of CO2 in a Planted Aquarium

Carbon dioxide is an essential macronutrient for aquatic plants, akin to sunlight and nutrients. CO2 assimilation plays a crucial role in photosynthesis, the process by which plants convert light energy into chemical energy, fueling their growth and health. Providing adequate CO2 levels is paramount in fostering lush, vibrant aquatic plants in your planted aquarium.

With its exceptional precision, safety, and versatility, the Chihiros CO2 Regulator Pro stands as the ultimate solution for aquarium enthusiasts seeking to elevate their planted aquarium to new heights of greenery and vibrancy. Embrace the transformative power of CO2 and witness your aquatic garden flourish under the watchful eye of the Chihiros CO2 Regulator Pro.

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