Chihiros Cooling Fan Bluetooth Edition

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Chihiros Cooling Fan Bluetooth Edition.

Note: The Bluetooth version of the cooling fan can only be controlled through the mobile app, and the buttons on the fan have no practical effect.

The Chihiros Cooling Fan Bluetooth Edition is equipped with a temperature probe, can test the water temperature.
Built-in temperature and humidity sensor, can test the room temperature and humidity.
More advanced settings via AUTO mode.

High-performance aquarium fan, silent, built-in brushless motor, voltage 9v, aluminum alloy shell with protection level ip55.

High-quality fan can cool the water of the aquarium economically and effectively by using large air volume evaporation.

Cooling fan: Too high or too low temperature is not very friendly to fish, a suitable temperature is very important for our fish, Aquarium fan can help you solve this problem in the hot summer. Quiet, energy efficient, windy, safe, let your fish have a comfortable summer.

Three-Speed Wind Control: The appropriate wind speed can be selected according to the indoor temperature, the water temperature can be reduced to 2 ~ 4℃, adjustable clamp can be clamped cylinder wall thickness within 19mm, no installation, easy to use, can be easily fixed to the edge of the aquarium, very firm.

Safe And Reliable: Rated voltage of fan is 9V, high safety standard, ensure fan safety. Coil away from tank water does not pose a risk of short circuit.

Quiet, Energy Efficient: It’s a cool fan for fresh and saltwater aquariums, so it’s much quieter than a regular fan. 9 Volts of safe human voltage, low energy consumption, not only saves power for you, but also gives your fish a nice summer.

Suitable for fish tank within 60cm,Can clamp glass up to 19mm.

  • Rated voltage: DC 9V
  • Rated current:0.27 ±10%A
  • Rated input power:2.8 ±0.5W
  • Motor revolution:3800RPM ±10%
  • Operating voltage:4V-9V
  • Operating temperature:-10°C — +85°C
  • Product size:100*75.5*82.5mm

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