Chihiros U Type Glassware and Clear Hose Bundle 16/22mm

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Chihiros Aquatic Studio is known for producing high-quality aquarium products and the Chihiros U Type Glassware and Clear Hose Bundle 16/22mm is no exception.

This bundle is designed to upgrade the glassware and hose connection in your aquarium while also providing excellent value for money.

One of the standout features of this bundle is the Chihiros Glass Lily Pipe. This pipe is designed to disperse the strong jet-type flow of external filters into an even and less invasive current in the aquarium. This helps to reduce the stress on your fish and prevent CO2 distribution problems caused by water friction. The pipe also comes with 2 high-quality suction cups to securely attach it to the aquarium. Length: 18 cm

The Chihiros U Type Glass Inflow is another impressive product in this bundle. Made from beautifully worked glass of the highest clarity, it provides an uninterrupted view of your aquarium while providing a steady and reliable suction to not obstruct the filter performance. It is also 30 cm in length, making it perfect for larger aquariums.

The Chihiros Clear Hose is a great addition to this bundle as well. It is made from perfectly transparent vinyl and is designed to fit external canister filters. By replacing the ugly coloured hoses with this minimalist clear tubing, you can greatly improve the overall look of your aquarium.

Overall, this Chihiros U Type Glassware and Clear Hose Bundle 16/22mm bundle provides a complete and affordable upgrade to the glassware and hose connection in your aquarium. With high-quality products from Chihiros Aquatic Studio, you can be confident that you are getting the best value for your money.

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