Ciano Tartarium 40 Shallow Tank

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The Ciano Tartarium is the great solution for turtle enthusiasts, specially designed to cater to the unique needs of these charming reptiles. This purpose-built enclosure provides a safe and comfortable environment for turtles to thrive and exhibit their natural behaviours.

The Ciano Tartarium stands out as a shallow aquarium, mirroring the natural habitats of many turtle species. With its carefully designed dimensions, it allows turtles to easily access the water’s surface for breathing and basking. This shallow layout ensures that turtles can comfortably interact with their environment while also offering a clear view for turtle keepers to enjoy.

The innovative design of the Ciano Tartarium includes a convenient and integrated basking platform. This essential feature enables turtles to bask and dry off under a dedicated area, imitating the warm sunlight they would encounter in the wild. The platform encourages natural behaviours and ensures the overall well-being of the turtles.

Beyond its primary use as a turtle enclosure, the Ciano Tartarium offers versatility that extends to planted aquariums and aquascapes. Its shallow dimensions make it an ideal choice for cultivating aquatic plants, creating beautiful underwater landscapes, and fostering a balanced ecosystem.

In addition to turtles and planted setups, the Ciano Tartarium serves as an excellent habitat for small fish and shrimp. Its shallow depth provides an accessible and secure environment for these aquatic creatures to thrive, allowing hobbyists to diversify their underwater projects and explore various aquatic life possibilities.

Whether you are a turtle enthusiast, a planted tank enthusiast, or an aquascape enthusiast, the Ciano Tartarium proves to be a valuable addition to your collection. Its thoughtful design, complete with a basking platform, offers turtles a comfortable and enriched environment. Meanwhile, its shallow dimensions provide endless possibilities for aquatic creativity, catering to a diverse range of underwater inhabitants.

Discover the potential of the Ciano Tartarium, a versatile and practical choice that caters to the needs of turtles, aquatic plants, and a myriad of aquatic creatures. Create a captivating aquatic world with this multi-functional enclosure, and indulge in the fascinating wonders of the underwater realm.

Dimensions (LxWxH): 400 x 256 x 169mm.

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