Clea helena (Assassin Snail)

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Clea helena, an aquatic gastropod that brings a touch of unique beauty to your aquarium. Also known as the Assassin Snail, this fascinating creature has a reputation for its ability to hunt other snails.

Originally from Southeast Asia, Clea helena thrives in freshwater environments. In the wild, you can find it in slow-moving rivers, ponds, and lakes, burrowing in soft substrate and hiding among aquatic plants, waiting to catch its prey.

Visually, the Assassin Snail is striking, with a yellow and dark brown striped shell that spirals to a sharp point, mimicking a whorl. Its body is a soft greyish-yellow, and it possesses a foot and a siphonal canal which helps it locate prey.

Clea helena is carnivorous and renowned for its predation on other snails, hence the nickname “Assassin Snail.” However, it also consumes other proteins like decaying fish, worms, and carrion, making it a beneficial addition to your aquarium by helping keep populations of other snails under control.

Caring for Clea helena in an aquarium is straightforward. It needs a soft substrate to burrow and plenty of hiding places amongst plants or decor. It enjoys slightly alkaline water with a pH of 7.0-8.0 and a temperature between 24-28°C. Calcium is crucial for shell health, so ensure your water has sufficient levels.

Being a slow and deliberate mover, the Assassin Snail poses no threat to planted aquariums. It won’t munch on your prized plants or uproot them, making it an ideal choice for those with lush green scapes.

When conditions are right, Clea helena will breed in your aquarium. You might spot tiny versions of the adults, a sure sign that breeding has occurred.

The Clea helena, or Assassin Snail, is a unique and intriguing addition to any aquarium. It’s easy to care for, safe for planted aquariums, and beneficial for controlling unwanted snail populations. From its beautiful shell to its unique hunting behaviour, this snail is sure to captivate you and your visitors.

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