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Cloverleaf Blanket Answer – Blanket Weed Treatment

This tub contains 800 Grams of the number one selling Blanket Answer and will treat Koi and Goldfish ponds up to 10.000Litres ( 2,200 Gallons ) with one treatment or can be used for smaller ponds leaving sufficient for repeated treatments. Blanket Answer is safe for all fish, ultra violets filters and pumps must not be switched off. Extra care should be taken if river type fish are present such as * Orfe-Rudd-Roach-Sturgeon it is important to maintain a high level of saturated oxygen if present, it is recommended to add a half dose to the pond allow 2-3 days then apply the second half monitoring the pond conditions and River fish.

The pond water is safe for all healthy animals and birds to drink from, for best results Blanket Answer should be used in a constant water temperatures of 10 deg C and above, Blanket Answer can be used at lower temperatures but results will vary and cannot be guaranteed also working timescales will be extended.

The pond water will take on a milky appearance after application this may last 4-7 days depending on the pond conditions, over the next 7-10 days the blanket weed will disappear it may be necessary to add a top up dose to some ponds to finally remove all the blanket weed. Blanket Answer can be added as required to maintain a blanket weed free pond and in most cases one treatment will be sufficient but in stubborn cases we recommend a regular small top up dose every 3-5 weeks.

After using Blanket Answer we recommend adding Cloverleaf “sludge Answer” once the blanket weed has gone this will help to maintain a healthy balance in the pond by adding a unique culture of live bacteria to combat water pollution, this Edit Product is safe for all fish and the water is safe for all animals and birds.

Add Blanket Answer to a watering can of pond water sufficient water to evenly spread the required dose around the pond to be treated.

One scoop will  be sufficient for 400Litres ( 90 Gallons ) of pond water. ( A scoop is not included in the 200g tub the weight method below should be used )

It is recommended to use a set of kitchen scales and to use 10grams of Blanket Answer to 125 Liters ( 28 Gallons ) of pond water to obtain a more accurate treatment. 

Blanket Answer is only effective against “Blanket Weed” it will not clear green water or duck weed.

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