Coarse Media Bag 13×17″ Black

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Fine Media Bag: All-Purpose Tool for Aquarium Filtration and Substrate Management

The Coarse Media Bag is your versatile solution for containing and organizing various media used for aquarium filtration and substrate layering. This robust white net bag, measuring 13″ x 17″, boasts a coarse mesh structure, perfect for holding smaller filter media like:

  • Activated carbon
  • Contaminant removers
  • Bio media
  • Seachem Matrix
  • Bio balls
  • Ceramic rings
  • And any other similar products

With its coarse-woven mesh, the Media Bag can also be employed for building up layers in your aquascape’s substrate. It effectively keeps aquasoil contained within its structured boundaries, while still allowing ample room for plant roots to penetrate and thrive. This makes it ideal for creating elevated platforms or intricate slopes within your aquarium.

Beyond its functionality, the Media Bag features a sturdy zipper for convenient access to the media inside. It allows for effortless loading and replacements, ensuring hassle-free maintenance for your filtration needs.

Here’s how the Media Bag brings versatility to your aquarium:

  • Simplifies Handling of Loose Media: Say goodbye to messy spills and tangled filters! The Media Bag neatly manages various types of media, making cleaning and replacements a breeze.

  • Maintains Order in Aquarium Filtration: By containing smaller media securely within the bag, you prevent clogging and ensure optimal water flow for efficient filtration.

  • Builds Up Substrate Layers: Use the Media Bag to create beautiful and multi-levelled landscapes within your aquarium. Fill the bag with aquasoil and place it strategically to form slopes or platforms for a unique aquascape design.

The Media Bag is an essential tool for both seasoned aquarists and those just starting their journey. It enhances filtration efficiency, simplifies media management, and opens up creative possibilities for a stunning aquascape

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