Cryptocoryne ‘Flamingo’

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Introducing the enchanting Cryptocoryne ‘Flamingo,’ a mesmerizing aquatic plant that adds a touch of grace and beauty to your aquarium! This stunning cultivar originates from Sri Lanka, where it thrives in the shallow waters of streams and marshes. Let’s explore its description and care guide.

Caring for Cryptocoryne ‘Flamingo’ in the aquarium is relatively straightforward, making it suitable for aquarists of all skill levels. It prefers moderate to low lighting conditions, replicating its natural habitat. The recommended temperature range is 72-82°F (22-28°C), and slightly acidic to neutral water with a pH of 6.0-7.5 suits this plant best.

Cryptocoryne ‘Flamingo’ stands out from other Cryptocoryne species due to its unique characteristics. It showcases elongated leaves with undulating edges, creating a sense of movement in the aquarium. What truly sets it apart is its captivating coloration. The leaves display a gradient of hues, ranging from vibrant pink at the base to a pale green or cream colour towards the tips. This captivating colour combination makes Cryptocoryne ‘Flamingo’ a focal point that adds a striking visual appeal to any aquascape.

When planting Cryptocoryne ‘Flamingo,’ gently insert the root system into the substrate, ensuring it is securely anchored. Provide enough space for the plant to grow and spread, as it will gradually form dense clusters of leaves. This plant appreciates a nutrient-rich substrate and benefits from regular supplementation with root tabs or liquid fertilizers.

Cryptocoryne ‘Flamingo’ is relatively adaptable and can tolerate a range of water parameters. However, it thrives in stable conditions, so avoid frequent fluctuations. Regular water changes and maintenance are essential for its optimal health and growth.

Embrace the graceful beauty of Cryptocoryne ‘Flamingo’ in your aquarium. Its unique leaf structure and captivating pink gradient coloration make it a standout plant that adds elegance and vibrancy to any aquascape. Enjoy the tranquillity and bright colouration this remarkable cultivar brings to your aquarium.

For more information on plant care, please see our guides section.

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