D-D Aqua-Pro Aquascaper 1500 in Anthracite Gloss – Aquaframe

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The D-D Aqua-Pro Aquascaper 1500 in Anthracite Gloss – Aquaframe is a stunning and practical aquarium that is part of the renowned D-D Aquascaper range. These aquariums are crafted with meticulous attention to detail, specifically catering to the art of Aquascaping. The Aqua-Pro Aquascaper 1500 in Anthracite Gloss – Aquaframe is a premium model in this range, known for its exceptional aesthetic appeal and practical features.

Measuring 1500mm in length, this aquarium is designed to be wider front to back than it is tall, providing an ideal space for the placement of plants and decor. It is constructed using the finest quality ultra-clear low iron glass, ranging from 8mm to 19mm in thickness. This high-quality glass ensures optimal strength, integrity, and safety while offering unparalleled clarity for viewing. The glass is meticulously polished and sealed with the strongest clear silicone, resulting in minimal visible bonds at the edges to minimise distractions from the overall visual experience.

One of the standout features of The D-D Aqua-Pro Aquascaper 1500 is its integrated metal frame. This aircraft-grade aluminium frame not only adds to the structural stability and durability of the aquarium but also makes it easier to handle and move despite its larger size and weight. Furthermore, the Aquaframe system allows you to customise the cabinet’s colour without having to purchase an entirely new cabinet. The pre-assembled AquaFrame cabinet comes in a range of 11 stylish finishes, providing you with ample options to match your changing decor.

It features a soft-close, push-open door, adjustable feet, and a fully waterproof base board, ensuring ease of use and maintenance. The cabinet also includes ports on each of the short sides, allowing for the removal and hiding of hoses when photographing the tank, adding to the clean and aesthetically pleasing appearance of the aquarium.

In addition it is easy to set up and maintain, and its robust construction ensures long-lasting performance. Whether you’re a seasoned Aquascaper or a beginner looking to create a captivating underwater landscape, The D-D Aqua-Pro Aquascaper 1500 in Anthracite Gloss – Aquaframe is an ideal choice that combines functionality, beauty, and durability.

Please note that there is currently an approximate lead time of 3 weeks for the Aquascaper range, ensuring that each aquarium is meticulously crafted and delivered to meet the highest standards of quality.

The 600mm, 900mm and 1200mm Aquascaper aquariums are supplied as standard with a pre-assembled wooden cabinet and with a choice of 7 STANDARD finishes and 4 PREMIUM gloss or matt laminate finishes.

The cabinets have a modern design that is popular within the Aquascaping community and are fitted with a port on each of the short sides so that hoses can be removed and hidden for photographing the tank.

Cabinet finish

Ultra Gloss Anthracite


With the larger aquariums comes more weight and so the 1500mm and 1800mm cabinets are fitted as standard with an integrated metal frame. There is an option for a metal frame on the 1200mm model.

The pre-assembled AquaFrame cabinets are made from an aircraft grade aluminium section which is cut and fastened together by special custom stainless steel brackets and high strength rivets.

The Aquaframe system allows you to future-proof your aquarium by enabling you to change the cabinet colours at any time, to match a change in decor, without buying a brand new cabinet. Choose from our range of 11 stylish cabinet finishes.

Corrosion resistant frames made from aircraft grade aluminium
Easily swap the cabinet panels without buying a new cabinet
Choose from 11 cabinet finishes
Adjustable feet, fully waterproof base board
Soft-close, push open doors.
Industrial strength fittings

* There is currently an approximate lead time of 3 weeks for the Aquascaper range

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