D-D H2Ocean P1 Pro Dosing Pump

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The D-D H2Ocean P1 Pro Dosing Pump is an advanced and versatile dosing pump designed for aquarium enthusiasts. Developed in collaboration between D-D and Kamoer, renowned for their expertise in medical-grade dosing equipment, this dosing pump offers precise and reliable liquid additive dosing capabilities.

One of the standout features of the D-D P1 Pro is its intelligent design, which incorporates Wi-Fi control. Using the Kamoer remote App, which is compatible with both iOS and Android devices, users can conveniently control and monitor the dosing pump from their smartphones or tablets. This wireless connectivity eliminates the need for manual adjustments and allows for seamless integration into modern aquarium setups.

The dosing pump features a compact footprint, measuring only L 95mm x W 60mm x H 83mm, making it suitable for both small and large aquariums. Its single dosing head can be adjusted to deliver precise dosing volumes, ensuring accurate and controlled dosing of liquid additives and elements. The direct-drive, geared pump head enhances accuracy, providing users with confidence in their dosing regimen.

The D-D P1 Pro offers both manual and automatic dosing modes, giving users flexibility in their dosing routines. With up to 24 dosing points per day, users can program the pump to deliver specific doses at designated times. The dosing frequency can be customized according to the user’s preferences, whether it’s daily, every X days, or on specific days.

The dosing pump incorporates a battery backup feature, which retains the correct time even during power outages. This ensures that dosing schedules remain uninterrupted and prevents any disruptions to the aquarium’s delicate balance.

Additional features of the D-D P1 Pro include threaded connections on the pump head for enhanced security, a calibration function for accurate dosing, and the ability to daisy-chain multiple P1 Pro units together for expanded dosing capabilities. The dosing pump also calculates and displays the amount of liquid remaining in the dosing container, allowing users to monitor their additive levels easily.

The D-D P1 Pro utilizes Pharmed BPT long-life pump tubing, known for its durability and resistance to wear and tear. This tubing size ensures efficient flow and delivery of additives to the aquarium.

To stay up to date with the latest features and enhancements, the D-D P1 Pro firmware can be easily updated via the Kamoer remote App, providing users with access to future improvements and functionality.

In conclusion, the D-D H2Ocean P1 Pro Dosing Pump offers aquarium enthusiasts a reliable and efficient solution for automated liquid additive dosing. With its intelligent design, precise dosing capabilities, Wi-Fi control, and a range of features, this dosing pump provides users with the convenience and accuracy needed to maintain a healthy and thriving aquarium ecosystem.




  • Single dosing head
  • Adjustable dosing volume
  • Uses the Kamoer remote App which supports IOS and Android
  • Compact footprint L 95mm x W 60mm x H 83mm
  • Direct-drive, geared pump head for greater accuracy
  • Battery backup feature retains correct time
  • Pharmed BPT long life pump tubing
  • Threaded connections on pump head for greater security
  • Calibration function
  • Multiple P1 PRO units can be daisy-chained together
  • Manual or Automatic dosing modes
  • Up to 24 dosing points per day
  • Maximum recommended dosing 10L per 24 hours
  • Custom dosing period
  • Dosing frequency, daily / every X days / specific days
  • Calculates and displays the amount of liquid left in dosing container
  • Requires 2.4G Wi-Fi connection
  • The D-D P1 Pro firmware can be updated via the app
  • Tube size 5mm OD 3mm ID

For the DDP1PRO User Manual Cloud version please click HERE

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