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Introducing Dark Moor Root, an exceptional choice for creating captivating aquascapes and vivariums. This beautiful wood bears resemblance to the classic Red Moor Root, but it stands out with its richer, darker hue, offering a striking contrast to the vibrant colours of your aquatic and terrestrial plants.

What makes Dark Moor Root truly exceptional is its natural structure. Often characterized by numerous twisted branches, the wood lends itself to the creation of intricate and stunning aquascapes. Its unique form and texture offer a touch of nature’s beauty to your underwater or terrarium worlds, creating an eye-catching display that will captivate viewers.

Dark Moor Root is a perfect base for attaching epiphyte plants such as Bucephalandra, Anubias, and Java Fern. This feature allows you to create a lush green haven, adding depth and complexity to your design. The wood is also an excellent base for attaching moss, further enhancing the natural feel of your aquascape or vivarium.

Not just for aesthetics, Dark Moor also serves a functional role. It offers a great hiding place and an enriched environment for fish and shrimp species, enhancing their comfort and wellbeing within the tank.

Natural wood is an excellent addition to an aquarium for numerous reasons. It helps maintain water quality by providing beneficial bacteria with a surface to colonize. Furthermore, it contributes to the overall ecosystem balance by gradually releasing tannic acid into the water.

Dark Moor Root may release tannins into the water, a natural compound that can tint the water a tea-like colour. While some aquarists appreciate the natural and calming effect tannins provide, they can be easily removed through partial water changes or by adding Seachem Purigen to the aquarium filter.

Dark Moor brings together beauty, versatility, and functionality. Its dark colour, unique form, and natural benefits make it an excellent choice for aquascaping and vivarium designs. Whether you’re a seasoned hobbyist or a beginner, the Dark Moor Root promises to elevate your underwater or terrarium world to new heights of natural beauty and sophistication.

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