Dennerle Aquarium Care Set

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A must for every aquascaper or shrimp specialist.

Dennerle Aquarium Care Set is a 5-piece tool kit, perfect for maintaining aquascapes, planted, and shrimp aquaria. It contains high-quality scissors, tweezers, and catching net, for use inside the tank along with a robust cleaning sponge and a lovely, soft, microfiber cloth to give the glass a shine.

Set includes:

1. Plant Scissors Curved

Made of mirror polished stainless steel. Optimal for trimming ground cover plants. Well suited for plants pruning in the form of a ball

2. Plant Tweezer Straight

Made of mirror polished stainless steel. Very accurate pressure point for precise work. Grooved tip for inserting the finest plants

3. Fish Net Small

Telescoping handle made of stainless steel. Fine-mesh and soft net to protect the animals. Black net for easy stress-free catching.

4. Cleanator Sponge

Removes algae and lime residues scratch-free. With stainless steel wool. Without chemical additives.

5. Microfiber Cloth

Multipurpose microfiber cloth for cleaning glass and surfaces.Washable at 40*C / 104*F. Modern Dennerle branding.

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