Dennerle Natural Gravel Okavango 4-8mm 500g

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Dennerle Natural Gravel Okavango, the ideal addition to your aquascape. Imbue your aquascape with a dash of nature’s raw elegance using this premium range of aquarium substrates. Carefully selected, PlantaHunter natural gravels enable you to cultivate an awe-inspiring aquarium, replicating the pristine environments of nature.

Ideal for decorating various types of aquascapes, including natural biotopes, tropical community, and coldwater aquariums, these gravels bring intriguing colour contrasts and exciting highlights to any setting they’re introduced. Unleash your creativity and imagination to forge unique aquatic landscapes that are visually stimulating and perfectly harmonious.

Perfect for adding intricate detail and organic texture to your aquascapes, the PlantaHunter Natural Gravel Okavango serves as an artist’s palette, offering you the raw materials to craft your aquatic masterpiece. These stones possess a beautiful mix of natural colours and tones, adding an earthy authenticity to your aquascape that cannot be replicated with artificial materials.

Prior to use, ensure to rinse the gravel to remove any residual dust. This maintains the pristine clarity of your aquarium water.

Each stone in the PlantaHunter Natural Gravel Okavango collection has been rounded to closely resemble the stones found in naturally flowing rivers, serene lakes, and mountain streams. This authenticity renders your aquascape not just visually stunning, but a genuine representation of nature’s aquatic realms.

Create the most impressive aquascapes and biotope aquariums with these gravels. The potential is only limited by your imagination. Whether you aim to replicate the calm shores of a mountain stream or the vibrant bed of a tropical river, these stones offer you the versatility to realise your vision.

Furthermore, these gravels are not restricted to aquariums. They are also perfect for use in terrariums, providing an ideal substrate for creating diverse and captivating terrestrial landscapes. Experience the sheer pleasure of shaping and adorning your habitats with Dennerle PlantaHunter Natural Gravel Okavango, the perfect blend of nature’s elegance and your creativity.

Approximate size of stones 4-8mm

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