Diversa Mantis Terrarium

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Diversa Mantis Terrarium: A Crystal-Clear Canvas for Your Mantis Marvels

18 x18 x50cm 4mm Opti-white glass. 16 litre volume.

The Diversa Mantis Terrarium is a premium habitat designed specifically for the captivating world of mantises and insects with similar breeding needs. This meticulously crafted enclosure prioritizes both aesthetics and functionality, providing a visually stunning and practical environment for your prized invertebrates.

Unparalleled Clarity:

The Diversa Mantis Terrarium boasts walls constructed from 4mm thick Optiwhite glass. This innovative material offers unmatched clarity, resembling a crystal-clear canvas. Optiwhite glass surpasses traditional glass by minimizing the greenish tint often present, ensuring exceptional transparency and perfect colour reproduction. This allows you to marvel at the intricate details and vibrant colours of your mantis and plants in all their glory, transforming observation into a truly captivating experience.

Aesthetically Pleasing Design:

The Diversa Mantis Terrarium goes beyond functionality, offering a minimalist form that integrates seamlessly into any setting. The clean lines and lack of obtrusive elements allow you to customize the interior layout freely, creating a visually appealing environment tailored to your mantis’ needs. Furthermore, the use of transparent silicone during construction enhances the minimalist aesthetic by creating a virtually invisible bond between the glass panels.

Optimal Ventilation for Thriving Mantises:

The Diversa Mantis Terrarium prioritizes the well-being of your mantis by incorporating a specially designed lid. This lid features a series of strategically placed perforations shaped like hexagons. These carefully sized openings (1.2mm side length, 2.08mm depth) ensure optimal air circulation within the terrarium, maintaining the proper humidity and oxygen levels crucial for your mantis’ health and development. The lid is crafted from UV-resistant acrylic, offering exceptional durability and protection against harmful ultraviolet rays. Additionally, the acrylic boasts a maximum temperature tolerance of up to 70°C, providing an extra layer of safety in case of accidental heat source malfunctions.

Beyond Mantises: A Versatile Habitat:

While the Diversa Mantis Terrarium excels as a home for mantises, its versatility extends beyond the world of these fascinating predators. The terrarium’s well-designed features and exceptional clarity make it suitable for breeding a variety of insects with similar environmental requirements. This allows you to explore the remarkable diversity of the insect kingdom within a single, aesthetically pleasing enclosure.

In conclusion, the Diversa Mantis Terrarium is a superior choice for dedicated mantis enthusiasts and insect breeders alike. Its crystal-clear Optiwhite glass walls, minimalist design, and optimally ventilated lid create a beautiful and functional environment for your prized invertebrates. The versatile nature of the terrarium allows you to explore the wonders of the insect world with ease.


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