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DOOA Terra Base

Terra Base is an item to have small epiphytic orchids, ferns and moss attached to its surface, and to enjoy the way the plants grow naturally. Because it is ceramic, just by pouring water in, the moisture permeates the entire unit. It is cylindrical, and various expressions can be enjoyed from all angles.

There are 3 sizes available in S, M and L. The S is suitable for enjoying 1 or 2 types of your favorite small epiphytes. With the moderate size M, you can enjoy a tree trunk layout by arranging various small epiphytes. For the size L, the main unit has height, and the diameter also becomes wider. So there is a generous space for attaching epiphytes. Therefore, there are more choices of epiphytes.

Because of the porous material, the water in Terra Base slowly seeps out to the surface, and a wet environment preferred by epiphytes can be effectively created. The firing temperature for Terra Base is controlled. The water in Terra Base gradually seeps out over a week, and the surface of Terra Base stays moist.

Neo Glass Air optimal for Terra Base (available seperately)

W20×D20×H30cmCompatible with Terra Base S
W20×D20×H35cmCompatible with Terra Base M
W30×D30×H45cmCompatible with Terra Base L

In order to enjoy epiphytes that prefer a humid environment, Terra Base itself needs to be setup in an aquarium tank to maintain the high air humidity. In the DOOA series, Neo Glass Air, the most suitable aquarium tank for each Terra Base size, is available. Glass Covers compatible with each aquarium size should be used with Neo Glass Air as well.
Besides this, Terra Base can be kept in Neo Glass Paluda which is a cage for Paludarium, or System Paluda that enables us to manage the humidity.

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