Easy-Life Catappa-X – 1000ml

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  • Catappa-X fluid catappa leaves

    Catappa leaves are added to aquarium water because of the healing effect they have on fish and shrimps. Catappa-X is the effective, fluid variant of the leaves.

    The leaves of the Catappa tree release healing substances when they are immersed in water. The disadvantage of doing so is that, in time, they decompose, which results in the release of organic compounds. This has a number of unpleasant side effects: it turns the water brown and the released organic compounds contaminate the water.

    Catappa-X is the answer to these problems. It does not discolour nor contaminate the water and it lowers the bacterial count, which greatly reduces the chance of disease. Catappa-X allows fish and shrimps to flourish and have more vibrant colours.

    Edit Product benefits of Catappa-X in aquariums

    • Fish and shrimps with more vibrant colours
    • Improves the general health of the living creatures
    • Prevents diseases
    • Does not turn the water brown
    • No extra organic contamination

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