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Dive into a world of premium fish nutrition with Fish Science Oak and Algae Wafers. Expertly formulated, these wafers are the ultimate dietary solution tailored specifically for larger algae-eating fish, ensuring their health, growth, and vibrancy.

Designed as a complete and nutritionally balanced diet, the Fish Science Oak and Algae Wafers are perfect for plecostomus, peckoltia, and other larger algae-eating aquarium fish. Every morsel of this food provides a burst of nutrients and minerals essential for the overall wellbeing of your aquatic pets.

One of the unique features of these wafers is the inclusion of oak bark in their formulation. Oak bark acts as a source of essential roughage, facilitating efficient digestion. This ensures that not only are your fish receiving the vital nutrients they need, but they are also processing them effectively, promoting optimal health and minimising waste.

Crafted to mirror the natural eating habits of larger algae-eating fish, the 15mm diameter wafers are designed to dissolve slowly. This slow dissolution allows your fish to engage in their natural grazing behaviour, offering them a more authentic and satisfying feeding experience.

The wafers are designed to sink, making them perfect for the bottom dwellers and ensuring that they reach the larger algae-eating fish effectively. This sinking attribute ensures that your fish get their nutrition without the need to come to the surface, making their feeding process natural and stress-free.

Feeding Guide: For optimal results, feed your fish 1-2 times daily with an amount they can consume within 20 minutes. If you’re catering to smaller fish, simply split the wafers into manageable pieces. Always ensure that uneaten food is promptly removed to maintain a clean aquatic environment.

In essence, Fish Science Oak and Algae Wafers aren’t just food – they’re a commitment to the vitality and health of your larger algae-eating fish. By choosing these wafers, you’re opting for quality, authenticity, and expert nutrition.

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