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Fissidens fontanus, commonly known as Phoenix Moss, is a unique and enchanting aquatic moss that adds a touch of elegance to aquariums. It is native to North America and can be found growing naturally in shaded areas along streams, rivers, and waterfalls.

In the wild, Fissidens fontanus attaches itself to rocks, logs, and other submerged surfaces, forming dense and compact cushions. Its growth pattern consists of intricate and feather-like branching, creating a visually appealing texture. This moss has a bright green coloration, and its delicate appearance adds a natural and serene ambiance to any aquascape.

Caring for Fissidens fontanus in the aquarium requires attention to a few key factors. It thrives in moderate to high lighting conditions, ideally provided by LED lights. The water temperature should be maintained between 68°F (20°C) and 78°F (25°C), with a slightly acidic to neutral pH level (6.0-7.5). It does not require CO2 supplementation, but it benefits from nutrient-rich water and regular fertilization.

The best place to grow Fissidens fontanus in the aquarium is on rocks, driftwood, or other hardscape elements. Attach small portions of the moss to these surfaces using fishing line, mesh, or aquascaping glue, allowing it to anchor and spread naturally. It can also be grown on fine mesh pads or attached to stainless steel mesh for versatile placement options.

Fissidens fontanus is known for its slow growth compared to many other aquatic mosses. It requires patience and time to establish and fill out in the aquarium. However, once it acclimates and starts growing, it forms dense carpets and provides excellent coverage.

What sets Fissidens fontanus apart from most other aquatic mosses is its unique leaf structure. The leaves of this moss are elongated, lance-shaped, and have serrated edges, resembling tiny fern fronds. This distinctive leaf morphology adds to its aesthetic appeal and sets it apart from the more common clumping or stringy appearance of other moss species.

With its delicate and intricate growth pattern, Fissidens fontanus is a captivating choice for aquarists seeking a visually striking and distinctive moss. By providing suitable lighting, water conditions, and proper care, this moss will thrive and enhance the natural beauty of the aquarium.

Portion in 60cc cup.

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