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Hollow Tree Stump: A Rare and Enchanting Addition to Your Aquarium

The Hollow Tree Stump is not your typical piece of aquarium driftwood. This rare and unusual wood boasts a unique characteristic – a naturally hollowed-out center. These hollows, formed by years of decay in their former life, become the perfect underwater havens for shy and nervous fish like catfish, offering them a comforting sense of security.

Imagine a majestic fallen tree, its heartwood weathered and hollowed, now submerged in your aquatic world. The Hollow Tree Stump allows you to create a truly life-like aquascape, replicating the natural environment of submerged forests and flooded landscapes. This element adds depth and intrigue to your aquarium, providing hiding places not just for catfish but for bottom-dwellers, shrimp, and even curious explorer fish.

Due to its rarity, finding a Hollow Tree Stump might take some searching at specialized aquarium stores. But its unique properties make it worth the effort. However, be prepared for a little initial setup work. Since the wood is naturally buoyant, it will likely float when first introduced to your tank. To keep it in place, you can employ various anchoring techniques. Simple methods include wedging it between rocks or attaching it to a decorative base with a fishing line or cotton thread (remember to remove the thread once the wood is waterlogged).

Another aspect to consider is the tannins released by the wood. Tannins are natural compounds found in wood and can slightly discolour the water, giving it a golden hue. While harmless to most fish, some aquarists might prefer clearer water. The good news is that the tannin release eventually slows down and stops altogether. To minimize the initial colour change, you can pre-soak the wood in a separate container for a few days, changing the water frequently.

There are undeniable benefits to using real wood in your aquarium. Beyond the aesthetic appeal, it provides essential hiding spots for stressed fish, encourages the growth of beneficial bacteria that help maintain water quality, and can even act as a natural buffer, helping to stabilize water parameters.

The Hollow Tree Stump offers all these advantages while adding a touch of mystery and intrigue to your underwater world. So, if you’re looking for a rare and conversation-starting addition to your aquarium, and one that caters to the well-being of your shy inhabitants, then the Hollow Tree Stump might be the perfect choice for you.

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Please follow our recommendations to enjoy your hardscape:

  • Please rinse woods with water before use.
  • All woods are buoyant and need to be soaked around 1 month to become waterlogged to sink.
  • Woods must be temporarily weighed down to avoid buoyancy by using rocks, anchors, wood tight, etc. until the wood is waterlogged enough to completely to sink.
  • Woods may release tannins during initial setup. Tannins brings a cognac look to the water, as happens in natural rivers and water systems. You can control the amount of tannins in water by frequent water changes or using Seachem Purigen in your filter. Tannins are not harmful to aquarium living organisms.
  • If you want to avoid tannins on the initial phase you can boil the wood in water for few hours to release as many tannins as possible. You can also submerge the woods one month before using them in the aquarium.
  • Moulds and biofilms may appear during the initial stage. It looks like a white fungus on top of the woods. If it occurs, scrape and suction it out with a small tube frequently. Normally it will disappear naturally one month after initial setup.
  • Woods may decrease the pH level in water.

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