King British Aquarium Sealant 25g

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King British Aquarium Sealant is a silicone sealant ideal for aquarium building and repair, mounting valves and sealing connections. It offers a permanently flexible, watertight seal and excellent adhesion, even under extreme pressure. It is harmless to fresh and saltwater fish.

Directions for Use:

All surfaces to be sealed must be clean, dry and free from grease. Surfaces can be cleaned using methylated spirits, applied to a tissue or cloth, before applying the sealant.

  • Remove cap and pierce tube diaphragm (25g size) / Remove nozzle, cut off end of plastic cartridge and screw on nozzle (78g size).
  • Cut tip of nozzle to required width of seal. The nozzle opening must always be wider than the joint to be sealed, allowing sealant to make contact with both surfaces.
  • Press tip of nozzle against the sides of the joint and hold the tube/cartridge at a 45 degree angle.
  • Push the tube/cartridge while applying a steady, even pressure at the base. Ensure that a bead of sealant is ahead of the nozzle as it moves forward.
  • Smooth any inconsistencies to the finished bead with a wet instrument such as a spoon or spatula. Smooth surfaces lightly ensuring sealant makes contact with both surfaces whilst still un-cured.
  • Any excess of misapplied sealant should be removed whilst still un-cured using a tissue or cloth soaked in methylated spirits.
  • After completing the application, ensure that the sealant is kept dry and undisturbed for at least 48 hours.

Please Note: The sealant must be fully cured before the aquarium is filled. Avoid contact with skin. Use only in well ventilated areas.

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