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Mojo Wood

Mojo Wood is perfect for creating a natural and beautiful environment in your aquarium and is available is a range of sizes from small pieces ideal for nano aquariums, right up to extra large woods for large tank centre pieces.

Mojo Wood provides not only aesthetic but also health benefits to your tank. Using natural wood in your aquarium creates a more realistic and organic environment for your fishes and other aquatic creatures. It simulates the natural habitat that they would have in the wild, providing a safe place for them to hide and protect themselves from predators, this enables your fish to display their natural behaviours and provides an truly enriched environment in which they can grow and flourish.

The gnarled shape of Mojo Wood adds texture and character to your tank, making it look more appealing and interesting. Moreover, wood in your aquarium promotes a healthy aquatic environment. The natural wood will release tannins into your water which assist in reducing the pH level in the water. This creates a healthier environment for a lot of the aquatic creatures we keep, improving their longevity, colour and natural behaviour. At Mojo Wood provides high-quality natural wood that is both aesthetically pleasing and aquarium safe. Mojo Wood is heavy, but it may still float until it becomes waterlogged. To mitigate floating it is advised that woods are soaked prior to adding to the aquarium. You can also weigh down with rocks or secure in place. All our woods are individually photographed and measured to make it easier for you to find the perfect fit for your aquarium or aquascape ideas, offering a wide range of shapes and sizes to bring your vision to life.

Mojo in your aquarium is a great way to create a dramatic and healthy environment for your aquatic creatures.

Beautiful structured wood with gnarled roots and branches.

Base cut flat for ease of placement

Perfect for a centrepiece display.

Piece pictured is piece you will receive.

Wood will initially require soaking or weighing down to prevent floating

Measurements are approximate.

We recommend you rinse all hardscape before adding to the aquarium.

For more information please see our guides section.

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