Moss Scapers Glue – Gel 20g

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Moss Scapers Glue – Gel 20g

Moss Scapers Glue is made in the UK and has been formulated with the scaper in mind.

MOSS Scapers Glue - Gel CA - 20g

MOSS Scapers Glue - Gel CA - 20g

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The bottle is perfect for application. It comes with a nozzle in the top for easy and precise application, and a pin in the cap to prevent and break cured Edit Product in the lid.

On dry Edit Products the cure time is <20 sec. But when used with damp plants or hardscape the glue will set in a matter of seconds .

Scapers Glue has the perfect viscosity for attaching plants to hardscape. Leaving a little room for play and positioning before setting, but still holds the plant in place before setting.

SAFETY INFO: cyanoacrylate warning – bonds skin and eyes in seconds. Keep out of reach of children.

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