Moss Scapers Glue – Gel 5g

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Moss Scapers Glue: The Aquascaper’s Secret Weapon for Effortless Plant Attachment

Moss Scapers Glue is a exceptional quality gel formula developed in the UK specifically for the needs of aquascapers. This innovative glue simplifies the process of attaching plants to hardscape in your aquarium, allowing you to create stunning underwater landscapes with ease.

Designed for Precision and Convenience:

The Moss Scapers Glue bottle is meticulously designed for optimal application. The integrated nozzle ensures precise placement of the gel, minimizing waste and maximizing control during the attachment process. Furthermore, the cap incorporates a clever pin that helps prevent and break down any cured product buildup, keeping the nozzle clear and ensuring smooth operation time after time.

Rapid Bonding for Streamlined Aquascaping:

Moss Scapers Glue boasts incredibly fast curing times. On dry surfaces, the gel sets in a remarkable under 20 seconds, allowing you to swiftly secure plants in their desired positions. Even when working with slightly damp plants or hardscape materials, the glue cures in a matter of seconds, significantly streamlining your aquascaping planting.

Optimal Viscosity for Effortless Plant Placement:

The viscosity of Moss Scapers Glue is specifically formulated for attaching plants to hardscape. It strikes the perfect balance between offering a brief window for adjustment and providing a secure hold. This allows you to meticulously position your plants before the glue sets, ensuring a natural and aesthetically pleasing aquascape layout. Once the gel cures, it firmly secures the plants in place, preventing them from dislodging due to water flow or curious fish.

Safety First:

While Moss Scapers Glue offers exceptional performance and convenience, it’s crucial to prioritize safety during use. The product contains cyanoacrylate, a powerful adhesive that can bond skin and eyes within seconds. Always keep Moss Scapers Glue out of the reach of children. When using the glue, wear appropriate safety gear such as gloves and eye protection to minimize the risk of accidental contact.

Moss Scapers Glue is an indispensable tool for any aquascaper seeking to create breathtaking underwater displays. Its precise application nozzle, rapid curing times, and optimal viscosity make attaching plants to hardscape a breeze. However, remember to prioritize safety by keeping the glue out of reach of children and using appropriate protective gear during application.

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