NT Labs Barley Straw Bio Bag

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Achieve Crystal-Clear Water Naturally with NT Labs Barley Straw Bio Bag

Combat unsightly green water algae and blanketweed in your pond with the eco-friendly solution: NT Labs Barley Straw Bio Bags. Harnessing the natural power of barley straw, these innovative bags offer a safe and effective way to achieve a healthy, clear pond environment.

Natural Defence Against Algae Growth:

  • Clear the Green: Struggling with a green water algae bloom or pesky blanketweed? NT Labs Barley Straw Bio Bag is formulated to tackle these common pond problems head-on. The natural properties of barley straw gradually release a mild algicide (algae killer) into your pond water, effectively controlling algae growth and promoting a clearer, more pristine appearance.
  • Safe for Your Ecosystem: Unlike harsh chemical treatments, barley straw is completely harmless to fish, plants, and other pond life. You can rest assured that you’re achieving a healthy balance in your pond without introducing harmful substances that could disrupt the delicate ecosystem.

Simple and Effective Application:

  • Effortless Maintenance: Using NT Labs Barley Straw Bio Bag is incredibly straightforward. Simply place the bag directly into your pond. The natural breakdown of the barley straw releases the beneficial properties over time, requiring minimal maintenance on your part.
  • Long-Lasting Control: Experience the lasting effects of barley straw. It takes approximately 28 days for the bag to begin noticeably impacting your pond’s water clarity. However, a single bag continues to be effective for up to 6 months, ensuring long-term control of algae growth.
  • Continuous Clarity: For optimal results, it’s recommended to replace the Bio Bag every 6 months. However, to maintain consistent algae control, simply add a new bag one month before removing the old one. This ensures a continuous supply of the barley straw’s beneficial properties, preventing algae outbreaks from returning.

Eco-Friendly Design for Peace of Mind:

  • Sustainable Solution: NT Labs Barley Straw Bio Bags are crafted from 100% natural and biodegradable materials. This ensures minimal environmental impact while effectively addressing your pond’s algae problems.
  • Easy Disposal: Once the Bio Bag reaches the end of its lifespan, disposal is simple and eco-conscious. Just add it to your compost bin or garden waste, where it will decompose naturally, returning valuable nutrients to the soil.

NT Labs Barley Straw Bio Bags provide a safe, effective, and environmentally friendly solution for achieving a clear and healthy pond. Experience the natural power of barley straw and enjoy a beautiful, algae-free pond for months to come!

Single pack treats 800 gallons / 3500 litres

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