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Restore Crystal Clarity to Your Aquatic Displays with NT Labs ProCare Glass Cleaner

Keep your aquarium, terrarium, or pond windows sparkling clean and showcase the vibrant life within with NT Labs ProCare Glass Cleaner. This specially formulated solution tackles water marks and smears that accumulate over time, leaving your glass crystal clear and enhancing the visual appeal of your underwater world or terrarium environment.

Combat Common Glass Issues:

  • Effortless Streak Removal: Over time, water marks and smears can build up on the glass of your aquarium, terrarium, or pond window, diminishing their clarity and obscuring the beauty within. NT Labs Glass Cleaner effectively removes these unsightly blemishes, leaving your glass surfaces spotless and transparent.
  • Suitable for Diverse Environments: This versatile cleaner can be used with confidence on a variety of aquatic displays. Whether you’re maintaining a freshwater or saltwater aquarium, a lush terrarium, or a tranquil pond window, NT Labs ProCare Glass Cleaner is formulated to deliver exceptional cleaning performance.

Safe and Refreshing Cleaning Experience:

  • Non-Abrasive Formula: NT Labs Glass Cleaner utilizes a gentle, non-abrasive formula that effectively removes water marks and smears without scratching or damaging the glass surfaces of your aquarium, terrarium, or pond window. This ensures a safe cleaning process that protects your valuable displays.
  • Ammonia-Free and Safe for Aquatic Life: Unlike some harsh cleaning products, NT Labs Glass Cleaner is completely free of ammonia. This makes it safe for use in aquariums and terrariums, ensuring the well-being of your fish, plants, and other inhabitants (for external use only!)
  • Pleasant Citrus Scent: Experience a refreshing cleaning experience with the subtle citrus fragrance of NT Labs ProCare Glass Cleaner. This eliminates any unpleasant chemical odours, leaving your aquatic displays not only clean but also smelling fresh.

Simple and Effective Application:

  • Convenient Spray Bottle: The user-friendly spray bottle allows for targeted application of the cleaning solution. Simply spray the desired amount onto the glass surface and wipe clean with the provided cloth for effortless cleaning.
  • For External Use Only: NT Labs ProCare Cleaner is intended for external cleaning of glass surfaces. Avoid direct contact with the water inside your aquarium, terrarium, or pond.

NT Labs ProCare Glass Cleaner is the perfect solution for maintaining the crystal clarity of your aquatic displays and terrariums. Restore the beauty of your underwater world and enjoy a safe, effective cleaning experience with this gentle yet powerful formula!

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